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Organize Your Life and More


Are You Organized? 

Does any of the following describe you?

* Stressed.
* Low on cash.
* Low on time.
* Hectic schedule.
* Late for appointments.
* Forget important items.
* Forget important tasks.
* Always looking for lost items.
* Your kids lack responsibility.
* You live in a cluttered home.
Disorganization can be stressful, time consuming, messy and expensive but there is help… “Organize Your Life and More” shows you how to save time and money AND reduce stress and clutter. Included are easy to follow organizing tips, budgeting and financial information, examples, product recycling ideas, organizing challenges and so much more!  
Yes, YOU can be organized too! Learn the best kept secrets of becoming organized and staying that way. Learn how to be efficient, save time and money, reduce stress and clutter, get the help and cooperation you need from family members and prove to yourself that it can be done.
In this book you will find a vast collection of...
1. Incredibly easy to follow organizing tips.

2. Short articles. 

3. Examples to help get you started. Including the following.......
     * example financial layout and family budget
     * example budgets for your young children and teenagers 
     * example chores sheets and job cards for kids
     * example shopping list
     * example list of commonly used keyboard shortcuts
     * example trip lists:  "What to Do Before Leaving" and "What to Bring on Trip With You"
     * example list of "Fun Things To Do" at home.
     * example list of household rules for when you leave your children at home alone.
     * and many more to help get you started.

4. Budgeting and financial information.

5. Ideas to organize using new or recycled products.

6. Organizing challenges with references to help you accomplish each one. 

7. Information to help you organize absolutely everything!
No more long, drawn-out explanations, 
just the help you need now! 
Get organized today! 
The results will simply amaze you! 

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Author, Christina Scalise

 ​"Organization Life Saver​" - L. AllisonBurres

"Highly Recommended." - Grady Harp, Top Amazon Reviewer

"Love this book!​" - Jennifer

"Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, saving time and money, reducing stress and clutter and improving your overall quality of life."  - Christina Scalise, Organize Your Life and More

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"A reference you will refer to again and again" - Anita Ericksen

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