Does any of the following describe you? Stressed, low on cash, low on time, consistently losing things, forgetting things or running late, always dealing with household clutter and lack of storage space?

Being organized can help in many different ways…

•  Improves finances, helping you save and earn more money.
•  Reduces stress (for everyone involved).
•  Reduces clutter.
•  Increases storage space.
•  Saves time, giving you more time for the fun stuff.
•  Improves your quality of life....and so much more!

Included is an easy to follow budget to help keep track of finances; and many suggestions to help save time, reduce clutter, reduce stress and gain more control over daily activities and life in general.

Learn how to CREATE a BUDGET and see your entire financial picture, save MONEY, save TIME, clear out the CLUTTER, get your KIDS organized and get YOURSELF organized! No long drawn out explanations, just the help you need now! Use the examples shown in this book to help get you started...example budgets sheets, shopping lists, chores sheets for kids & much more!

Organize Your Finances, Your Kids, Your Life is the perfect book for those who are new to the world of organizing and just starting out in life. 

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Organize Your Finances,

Your Kids, Your Life!

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Author, Christina Scalise

"Full of great advice for anyone!  In today's economy, we all need as much help as we can get when it comes to organization and financial help. This book shows you the perfect way to organize everything from your office to your junk drawer; it has easy to understand instructions that will make your life ten times easier. It is full of great advice for anyone who is stressed out by the hardships that life constantly throws at us. Rating: 5 out of 5

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